“Just Jillian” recap (1.6): Who Called the Strippers?

This week’s Just Jillian picks up from last week, with Jillian and Heidi in Florida for Heidi’s mother’s birthday. 

ICYMI: Jillian bought Heidi’s mom a golf cart for her birthday and when it was delivered, it did not look like it was worth the $13,000 she paid for it. The paint was chipping off, it was rusted in certain spots and Jillian was not pleased. In order to rectify the situation, the guys who delivered the cart have agreed to let them drive the crappy one while they build them a brand new one from scratch.


While at the grocery store to get supplies for the party, Heidi brings up conversations they have been having about wanting a third child, which is news to us! Jillian doesn’t seem as excited about the idea, so Heidi says they should table it until Jillian can find a balance between home and work. I am confused as to who really wants a third child—or if either of them does.


The guests start arriving for the party, and Jillian is very excited about when the strippers will arrive. I have no idea why she thinks strippers at her 70-year-old conservative mother-in-law’s birthday is a good way to win her over, but when Jillian admits it’s for her own enjoyment to see the old people get uncomfortable, it makes more sense. When the strippers came out, and they showed the looks on all the elderly people’s faces, I was laughing my ass off. Heidi’s mom looked like she was having a good time, but also like she wanted to cry. By the time the strippers were done with their show, almost every single guest left. I chose to believe they were leaving to have sex for the first time in five years because they were so turned on.

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