“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.13): Family Portrait

Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of “Lost Girl.” Read the full episode recap here.

Bo is pretty pissed her secret weapon against the Father of Darkness is a lucky horseshoe. Tamsin is pretty (secretly) pissed they haven’t processed their almost, sorta breakup. But she is willing to bury the hatchet, well, in this case, dagger, because she stole Zeus’s magic dagger and is now giving it to Bo to help her cut Daddy Darkness out of her life. But Bo balks: You live the life you choose, not necessarily the family you were born with.


Meanwhile, at the loony bin, Bo’s loony mom is breaking out. So look out for a loony family reunion coming soon. Bo kicks it off early by visiting Trick to ask him why he keeps hiding important things like the truth from her. He has been doing it to protect her, but still maybe it’s time for full disclosure, no? Sam goes for Dyson, and, in this case, Kenzi. Everyone, just fess up.

Speaking of full disclosure, Tamsin is in the shower having a lather, rinse and lose clumps of your hair moment. It’s a major ruh-roh because Valkyrie hair is connected to their life force and all. She goes to see Lauren, who discovers her symptoms and tries to diagnose them. But then Lauren asks if she has had any recent sexual liaisons, and the line of questioning gets awkward–well, more awkward than two people who are in love with the same woman and now have to make nice to try to save the world can be.


Next Bo goes to the loony bin to find out what she can about her mom’s escape. Instead, she rounds second base with her elderly roommate. The team discovers, incredibly unsurprisingly, that Bo’s dad has broken loose. But he left behind a five-headed portrait of Bo in his wake. Bo knows where to find him to confront him about the unflattering sketch. She is surprised to find Aife there with Papa Hades making all chummy.

They have an uncomfortable family dinner. Hades and Aife have seemingly joined forces. They try to convince her that Trick is the real enemy. That Bo has been choosing the wrong side all along. Bo leaves upset because that’s what happens when all of your life choices are being questioned by the devil. But then Aife shows up in her passenger seat and tells her to stop being so gullible. It’s up to them to send him back to Hell where he belongs.


But back at the Succ-Shack, it becomes apparent that Mama Succubus has been visited by a Not Bo, just like Tamsin, while she was in the loony bin. Our friendly neighborhood Valkyrie, however, is still a little in the dark about what happened. So she has a drink with Lauren where they try to unawkward their tangled lives. It actually goes kinda alright. God bless beer.

Bo tries to exorcise her family demons. She confronts Trick, who finally gives her ALL of the info on her life. Maybe, you never know – this is Trick. Among the files was video from the loony bin where they see “Bo” visit Aife. Tamsin has a sickening realization when she sees this. She asks Bo, who confirms the worst. Let’s all throw up at this news together.

So Bo, Tamsin and Dyson go to confront Jack. But, their “plan” is beyond weak sauce. And so it ends up failing fairly spectacularly. So they retreat to Lauren’s clinic in defeat to lick–or in this case, suck heal –their wounds.  Then Bo finally decides to get proactive and uses the dagger to cut that dad right out of her life.


Bo decides to handle her family dispute on her own and leaves to confront her dad. But when she gets there Trick and Aife–who reunited tearfully at the loony bin earlier–are propped up in a gruesome tableau. Hades has slit both their throats and then posed them for Bo to find. So, on the scale of shitty things families do to each other, this is probably an 11.

Trick isn’t quite dead yet and despite having his throat slashed, manages to gurgle out some words to Bo. While basic anatomy would dictate that this should be impossible given his injuries, he tells her to remember she is also his blood. This leaves Bo in a catatonic state. But don’t worry, once she hears Tamsin has become pregnant after Bo’s dad raped her and is now carrying his demon seed, she should probably wake up.


Camera, pan down. Camera, pan down. Pan down!




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