“The 100” recap (3.07): May we meet again

Previously on The 100, Lexa, with Clarke’s help, started a new Blood Must Not Have Blood policy; Octavia got kidnapped by a village of trikru she tried to save from Pike and Co; Alie started a hunt for Alie 2.0, Titus tortured Murphy for information about Clarke; and we found out that the Thirteenth Station was called Polaris and Polaris fell, becoming what we know now as Polis.

We open in Polis, where Murphy has seen better days. But also probably worse days. Titus holds up the little City of Light wafer and asks about it again, and why it has the holy symbol on it. Murphy scoffs at the idea that it’s sacred, saying that it’s just a corporate logo, and all he knows is that it’s the key to the City of Light. Titus wants to know more about the computer woman who ended the world, but Murphy doesn’t know much more than just that.


FLASHBACK TIME! Ninety-seven years ago, Becca is researching on a space station when she and her assistant get a page telling them that Alie is on the grid and that they need to get out. Becca’s face is terrified but knowing; Alie is trying to hack missile launch codes.

The 100 307-1“It’s ALI(E)VE!”

Becca knows Alie is trying to solve overpopulation, so she sends the man on the ground to the Lighthouse Bunker and asks about the kill switch. But Alie found a workaround and isn’t controlled by anyone else anymore. As Becca looks out her space station window at the Earth lighting up with the explosions of a thousand missiles, she knows that it’s out of her hands. Alie’s gone rogue.

Also of note: The infinity symbol is on the patches of Becca and Crew’s outfits.

A man comes in and calls his family to say goodbye. Becca watches the fireworks of the apocalypse, wondering what she’s done. The camera pulls out to reveal what you may have suspected: They are on Polaris.

Ninety-seven years later, in Polis, Commander Lexa calls everyone together for Ascension Day. But the ritual is interrupted by the Trikru from the village, who drag Octavia in and present her to the Commander.

The 100 307-2She is a fucking gift to us all.

One of Octavia’s captors explains that he seeks justice for the Skaikru attack on their village and that Octavia is there to explain what happened, so Heda doesn’t have to take his word for it. Clarke is confused, and Titus explains that the man wants vengeance for what her people have done. Octavia is setting people on fire in her mind when she sees Indra sneaking about in the back of the room. Chaos breaks out in the room, everyone chanting that they want Skaikru to be punished for this action.

Lexa is pissed that Titus let these men interrupt her on Ascension day, but Titus says it’s her own fault for being so buddy-buddy with Skaikru. Lexa is not impressed.

The 100 307-3“Seriously, dude? This again?”

Lexa asks Clarke for her opinion, but Titus says Clarke would be biased. Lexa looks at him like, “Dude don’t MAKE me tell you to let a woman speak for herself AGAIN” but when Clarke does speak for herself, she agrees. She knows she’d do anything to save her people, and she’s honest about it. Clarke says not everyone in Arkadia sides with Pike, and Lexa sees where she’s going with this; she thinks if they leave them to their own devices, they’ll take down Pike themselves. Titus hates this—hates that they’re not listening to him, hates that they’re not attacking, hates that two young women are smarter than he is—and starts ranting about what a bad idea this is when Lexa puts her hand up and shuts him the eff up.