“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.07): Time Pirates

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, everyone tried to date Kendra but she said no because Sara is the only one who didn’t ask, Rory found his promised land in post-apocalyptic Star City, but Snart wouldn’t let him stay, and the Team found themselves kind of stranded in space and time.

While trying to figure out where to go next to try to stop Savage, Rip ends up falling into a pity party where he watches a hologram message from his son and wife on loop.

LoT 107-1 And you thought scrolling through your ex’s Instagram was moping.

Stein finds him to interrupt and tells him that he’s been in this mood for a week now, and Rory is starting to get restless. Cut to Rory growling around and Snart trying to calm him down. He storms off, but Snart doesn’t care because he’s being adorable and playing cards with Sara like they’re not the most badass people on this ship.

LoT 107-2WE ARE RUTHLESS KILLERS FEAR US! Hey, got any sixes?

The Waverider intercepts a distress signal and even though it might be a trap, they decide to go in and help because linking up to the other ship’s system might be the only way Gideon can get them enough information to tell them where to go next. Rip, Stein, Jax and Rory are going to go on this mission, so Rip puts Ray in charge of the Waverider and Kendra in charge of making sure Ray doesn’t crash the Waverider and off they go.

Flash back to Rip and his wife, Miranda, on a ship, being attacked by Time Pirates. Despite Rip yelling the opposite things at her for a while, Miranda eventually gets rid of the Pirates her own way. It ended up being a simulation, and even though Rip is grumpy that she didn’t follow protocol, his boss tells him that he should be more like Miranda and less like himself.

LoT 107-3I don’t care much about Rip’s backstory, but I’m growing to love Miranda.

Miranda and Rip decide to make out in the hallway because love is stupid, and they get caught by their captain, who sentences them to a disciplinary hearing since relationships are strictly verboten.