Our Favorite Tweets from “Pretty Little Liars” (6.19): “Did You Miss Me?”

Last night on Pretty Little Liars, Alison fell down the stairs of a bed and breakfast, Caleb and Hanna held hands and made a plan, and Emily used her feminine wiles to distract yet another of Rosewood’s indistinguishable suited brown-haired men.

We’re a week away from the Season 6 finale, where we will allegedly find out who killed Charlotte. I, for one, am dubious that Charlotte is even dead. Sure, we saw her in that coffin, but we’ve seen plenty of bitches get buried alive, rise from the dead, get out of the car trunk and walk amongst the living. Oh, and there’s also going to be some big #Twin reveal. Dear Vanderjesus, please let it be Mona.


As always, the #Boo crew raised some very good questions and enjoyed liberal use of CAPSLOCK.