“Rosewood” recap (1.12): Survivor

On last night’s Rosewood, the case Rosie is working on involves the death of a 15-year-old homeless girl and we find out that when Pippy was 15, she ran away from home and lived on the streets for a couple months after she came out because her mother was not supportive of her. Although I was a little surprised because we have only seen Donna support TMI and Pippy, it really isn’t that shocking to hear of a parent being less than supportive when a child initially comes out.

What WAS shocking to me, was the fact that TMI had no idea Pippy had lived on the streets, making this yet another thing Pippy never bothered to share with TMI! The amount of secrets Pippy keeps from TMI makes me wonder if they ever talk about anything other than dead bodies.


Rosie asks Pippy if she would give some of her insight as to where homeless kids hang out, so they can try and track down the killer. Pippy finds her diary that she kept while living on the streets, as well as a recording she made with her friend Cassie (Tia Mowry-Hardrict). Pippy tells Rosie that Cassie always protected her and was there for her because she knew what it was like to come out. She also encouraged Pippy to go home and work things out with Donna.


Pippy leads Rosie, Det. Villa and her new partner to where a lot of homeless kids hang. While there, Pippy walks by an empty payphone and has a flashback of when she used to call Rosie from that phone every day at the same time. We find out later Rosie missed a call one day which is why Pippy eventually returned home, to make sure he was okay.