“The Family” recap (1.3): Screw it: We’re Taking Over This Show

OK, so spoiler: Omnisexual Lesbian Lifestyle Blogger Bridey managed to get even more disappointing this week in spite of all the salacious non-straight-lady titles she has. So we’re drafting Detective Nina Meyer, because when it comes to police work she is awesome, and Willa, who is rapidly becoming the most interesting character on the show. Also, they keep making sure we know that Willa is religious and repressed and doesn’t date, which means this show is going to reveal her as a lesbian sooner or later. Given the suckfire that the treatment of Bridey has been thus far, I can’t imagine it’s going to be handled well, so let’s at least get out ahead of it.

It’s 10 years ago, and John is our voiceover that opens and closes the show this week. He asks if you’ve ever done something you can’t undo, so you tear yourself apart. Because he has. Present John finds Maybe-Adam reading John’s book about dealing with grief after Adam’s, um, death. Maybe-Adam asks why John was so sure he was dead and why he stopped looking for him because he was waiting. Past John is confronted by Willa, who asks him, “Did you do it?” but without any context beyond them both being really really nervous.

Present Willa and Maybe-Adam are having a good time reading a comic book. She wants Danny to stay sober for the Big Interview that could get Claire the endorsement and picks out homey throw pillows for the couch.

Family Ep 3 Pic 1

And then she trims her nails real short, because even though Willa may not have come into her own yet, she understands courtesy. John hilariously seems to be setting up a flag in the front hall.

Nina Meyer is asking who would know about the tunnels that the Bad Man kept Maybe-Adam in. Turns out anyone who worked in the oil refinery. The pregnant refinery woman establishes that Meyer has no kids because, you know, Career Lady. It’s also because she’s thinking about moving to a more queer-friendly city–Red Pines can only support one lesbian lifestyle blogger, after all–and doesn’t want to uproot any kids she has with her eventual life partner.

The new FBI guy, Agent Clements, is heading Meyer’s case now. We were worried he was going to be a jerk, but he tells Meyer to stick around and worry about testifying awkwardness later. He wants her on this case because she knows it well and he knows awesome when he sees it. We hear that the fire in the tunnel means there are no prints or DNA in the tunnel. The tunnel didn’t look like a very print-friendly place anyway, but OK.

Meyer and Clements want Maybe-Adam to revisit the scene. Claire is so not into it. Meyer wants to trigger a memory; Claire wants to protect him from old memories. John says Claire wants to protect her interview. Maybe-Adam suddenly shouts that he wants to go. OK, then.

Whoa! As they’re leaving, Clements totally busts Detective Meyer on sleeping with John. He tells her that FBI guys are totes perceptive. She says that queer characters like we have decided she is are too often portrayed as hypersexual, so she is calling off that affair immediately and starting an appropriate app-based search for a loving, committed relationship with someone who is physically and emotionally available. Anyway, says Clements, child murderers usually turn out to be someone in the family.

Ten years ago, Nina and another cop ask about John getting caught on stoplight cameras that prove he left the rally for over an hour. So what was he doing? Past Claire has big doubts. Past Claire asks Past John what the hell and he says he went to get fliers, and he turned on the game and drank a beer. She says it sounds like a made-up alibi. Past Willa listens to their fight and prays. Claire accuses John of not wanting Adam back. John takes umbrage.

Back in the present, we’re all at the tunnel, waiting for Adam to go in (and maybe flip out). Meyer says they’re still processing evidence down there. So why are we bringing people in to tromp around? C’mon, Meyer, you’re supposed to be our rock here.