These 16 shows gave queer lady couples a happy ending

The Returned (2015): Julie & NikkiHappyEndings_14

Julie and Nikki made it–and even got to kiss at the end–despite this being on a show that quite literally is about dead people.

Hannibal (2015): Alana & MargotHappyEndings_15

The lesbians, Alana and Margot, stay alive. But it was a nail-biter considering the main character was a serial killer.

Lost Girl (2015): Bo & LaurenHappyEndings_16

Bo and Lauren are endgame, baby. Yes, we’ve gotta pour some out for our girl Tamsin. But, still, Doccubus 4 Lyfe.

p.s. Obviously the above list includes only live-action, English-language serialized TV. But we celebrate and commend all the other shows and TV movies from different countries giving us the happy endings we deserve. And if there are some other shows you think we missed let us know.

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