“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.22): Torres v Robbins

Oh man. This episode was a one-two punch in the gut. We’ve watched countless characters die and leave the show, but this episode carried just as much emotional weight. Callie vs. Arizona. What the hell, right? Two co-parents who had made it through so much to get where they are, having to pit their friends against each other and face each other in court. Just thinking about it now makes my stomach hurt. But I have a recap to write, so I’m going to cram my feels down deep inside where they can turn to dust. Just a daily ritual.

Mommy vs. Mommy

Grey’s kicks off with a montage of all the big and wonderful, awful and tragic moments in the Calzona relationship. I’ve been fighting my Calzona feelings for a long time now, and this did not help. Over the phone with their lawyers, Callie and Arizona make a last ditch effort to settle this custody issue without going to court. Callie has more people standing on her side, which makes me a little sad for Arizona, but Arizona refuses to back down. Neither side is budging, so it’s up to a judge to decide their fate.


The morning of the court date, Callie drops Sofia off at Meredith’s where Maggie and Amelia will be looking after her. Sofia is unaware that her life is about to change, but when Callie hugs her a little too long and too tight, she can sense that something is amiss.


Back at the hospital, Arizona’s 14-year-old pregnant patient, Jenny, is back. She’s fallen on some broken dishes and done a number on her pregnant belly. Because Arizona is due in court, she leaves Jenny and her now very supportive mom in Alex and April’s hands. There’s an OB on call, and he can step in in case of an emergency.

Outside of the courthouse, Richard meets Arizona with a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee. I bet Richard makes a hell of a cup of Joe. He’s really the only one there in Arizona’s corner, but their friendship has been one of the most touching and worthwhile storylines this season. In a pinch, I’d want Richard in my corner too. They are distracted by the click-click-click of high heels, as Callie, her lawyer, and Penny walk by and into the courthouse.