“Call the Midwife” recap (5.7): Loose Lips Sink Barges

This week, Call The Midwife delves into the subculture of Bargees, itinerant folks who live on barges. Nurse Crane refers to them as “water gypsies,” which would surely have struck fear in the heart of my Russian grandmother who always warned my mom that gypsies were out to kidnap children. Oh, old people and their unfounded prejudices!

We open this episode in the sleepy hours just after dawn, where we see Patsy cuddled up with Delia. She quickly gets out of bed and sneaks back to Trixie’s room so that no one will notice. 

Call1Do we have time to squeeze in some morning sex before rounds?

Across town, we meet our Mum o’ the Week, Daisy, a bargee with a gaggle of kids. She’s turning the barge crank when she collapses on the dock.

Sister Julienne calls on Sister Mary Cynthia, to tell her how much she admires her hard work and perseverance since her attack. She wishes to send MC to the mother house for prayer and reflection, but with Sister Evangelina still gone, they simply can’t spare her. It’s been six months since she left, but they haven’t heard whether or not she’s coming back. Also, the locals keep giving Nonnatus House baskets full of apples, and Sister Monica Joan is NOT feeling it. 

Barbara makes her rounds and visits our other Mum o’ the Week, Gina. Gina is in full nesting mode and ready to burst, but her husband Leslie seems less than interested. They live in a brand new flat on the 8th floor of a modern high-rise. This will be important information later.

Call2Don’t worry; babies love lead-based paint!

Dr. Turner and Shelagh meet with Julienne to discuss the latest medical breakthrough: the birth control pill. The Turners are excited by the new possibilities that the pill brings, but Julienne is concerned about the moral implications. And by moral implications, she means the impending sexual revolution. She tells Dr. Turner that she wants to hold a clinic to discuss the pill with the rest of the team.

Back at Nonnatus House, everyone has gone out on rounds, except for Barbara. She invites Tom over, pops on one of Trixie’s records, and they dance and smooch all over the house. Tom is wearing so much Brylcreem that, in the midst of making out against a wall, he leaves a big oil stain with his big greasy head. Good luck explaining that to the sisters.

Call3This is worse than the jizz stain you left in the chapel!