“Arrow” recap (4.23): Let there be light

Previously on Arrow, Oliver ran for mayor but was blackmailed to drop out by the Darhks, Damien Darhk built a HIVE of followers using magic and persuasion pills, Darhk killed Laurel for no good reason, Felicity stopped the end of the world save one missile that killed enough people to make Darhk superpowered, and Darhk busted into Felicity’s Loft to ask for her help.

We pick up where we left off, in Felicity’s Loft, with our precious hacker using her tiny body to shield her family and friends. Unfortunately, Darhk has supermagic, so he tosses Curtis across the room and pulls Mama Smoak towards him, excited to have more leverage than he thought he would. He starts to suck out Mama’s life force, but the Green Arrow swoops in to stop him. Darhk calls his HIVE buddies in to fight him and Spartan, while Felicity folds herself over her Mama the best she can.

Arrow 423-1Smoak Screen: UPGRADE

Darhk starts to use his life-sucking power on Oliver, but Thea busts in just in time, threatening Baby Darhk and forcing Damien to release her brother. In a flash and a bang, Darhk and his Ghosts disappear.

Curtis is hit and the laptop with the anti-Rubicon software is gone, so the team regroups in the Arrow Cave to figure out what’s next. After they get Curtis stable (which is shocking considering he’s a queer POC, but I guess his manhood is enough to save him on this show), Felicity asks Oliver why his Care Bear Stare didn’t work against Darhk’s magic this time. But Darhk absorbed the deaths of tens of thousands of people, so not even Felicity’s inner light can save them now.

Arrow 423-2But it is saving me. From changing the channel.

Felicity updates him on her findings: The good news is, Darhk hasn’t launched the nukes quite yet. The bad news is, she can’t find her stolen laptop and therefore can’t stop that from happening should he choose to. But before long she does ping the GPS and sends Team Arrow to HIVE’s old digs. Unfortunately, it was a trick, and only the laptop’s GPS is there; the actual laptop is nowhere to be found. And now? Well, now the missiles are launched. Over 15,000 of them. In two hours or less, the world will end.  

Felicity asks Lance to save Mama Smoak, Diggle and Lyla say goodbye to Baby Sara. Things look bleak.

Lyla sends her Argus team to City Hall, despite Oliver’s warnings that they are no match for Darhk. It’s Lyla’s call, and this is what she wants her team to do.

In City Hall, in his secret evil magic cave, Darhk is sitting with his daughter, waiting to die. Argus busts in and Darhk takes them all out like they’re an invasion of flies that he is annoyed to have to swat away during a nice picnic. Team Arrow listens as Lyla’s team gets slaughtered, and Oliver knew this would happen, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, amiright?