“Game of Thrones” fans can now officially ship Daenerys and Yara

Hoo boy, #Gayjoys, how about that episode? Last night’s Game of Thrones was quite possibly the best, most satisfying hour of the series so far, with just enough gay vibes to have us shipping DanYara until 2017. What really tied it together for me was the formidable strength of the ladies of Westeros. Sansa, Dany, and Yara all had powerful moments, not to mention a cameo from everyone’s favorite baby queen Lyanna Mormont. Rule, baby queen, rule!

After spending six seasons eating shit sandwiches, the Starks return to Winterfell, reclaim their home and kill the evil Ramsey Bolton. Sure, they lost Rickon, but let’s be honest: that kid never had a chance. Last season, Sansa’s rape by Ramsey turned off many female viewers, including noted feminist geek site The Mary Sue. It was another in a long line of tasteless assaults on the women of GOT, who were frequently used, abused, and disposed of by the men of the show. But Sansa has spent the entire season dealing with what happened to her, and acknowledging her trauma every step of the way. Watching her feed Ramsey to his dogs was immensely satisfying, and I can’t wait to see what she does now that Winterfell is reclaimed. Also, where’s Brienne?

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Meanwhile in Mereen, Dany comes home to find her city under siege by the Masters. Despite Tyrion’s détente with them, they still attack the city and start killing everyone. But they are no match for Dany and her three dragons, the Unsullied army, the Second Sons, and the Dothraki horde.

After decimating her opponents, Dany takes a meeting with Theon and Yara Greyjoy. Yara offers Dany her fleet of 100 ships and her loyalty in exchange for the Iron Islands. While Tyrion is annoyed by their offer, Dany is intrigued by another strong woman pursuing a crown. They bond over their crazy fathers who were shitty kings, and agree that they want to leave the world a better pace. They’re like the Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren of Westeros, and they have my vote.

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Yara tells Dany that her uncle Euron is offering her boats, but not without a marriage proposal. Dany questions whether Yara would demand such a union and Yara says “I never demand, but I’m up for anything, really.” Dany’s amused smile throughout the scene is delightful and she shakes hands and agrees to join forces with Yara.

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I am beyond excited for this team-up, whether it turns romantic or not, because there is definitely chemistry between the two queens. With the season finale next week, here’s hoping we get another scene of these two flirting and bantering. DanYara 2016, y’all.

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