“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.6): Puff, Puff, Pass

Red’s sleepless nights continue this girl should totally try and get a breathing machine. Keeping the cook awake at all hours can’t be good for the food. 

Luschek is an idiot, and Judy King is what he needs. Except he’s doing a terrible job of interpreting her advice. Always remember “Puff Puff Pass” is law, for everything. 

butterscotchYou know what else tastes like butterscotch?

Nicky is back mopping and listing capitals when she’s ordered to clean up one of the cells in the SHU. It’s covered in blood, and it was where Sophia was being housed. This can’t be good. 

Early morning in the library Soso is looking to have her own “After Sex” Zoe Saldana/Mila Kunis moment with Poussey. Instead, they have a very necessary relationship talk. Possibilities of being together if they both got out of Litchfield turn into the weight of not being enough. Look at Poussey’s face, how could anyone say these hurtful things to such a beautiful face. Situationships (situational relationships) where one person has clearly defined their sexuality, and the other hasn’t always lead to this line of wording, “but you’re a girl” is the longest sword to drive through someone’s heart. So many maybes the results could land anywhere, it hits the target right in the middle of “I love you” and everything is all right once more. 

color purpleI never finished “The Color Purple”

Piper loads her contraband stash of panties in a laundry bag, getting rid of the evidence is the smartest thing she’s done all episode. Lolli and Vause playing cards make this feel like a horrible summer camp. 

campBest Summer Camp Ever!

The rec room has turned into an actual sleep away camp equipped with blanket forts and pillows. Piscatella, fun police, is on the job. Reconstructing all of that in twenty minutes deserves some kind of patch. Kicking an inmate is the worst way to get the job done, Humps is the Joffrey of Litchfield, someone poison his pie already. Caputo and his fancy suit return and Piscatella is close enough to make sure not a single hem is touched by an inmate. Pennsatucky definitely earned a crafting badge for that basket and all of the semi-gross things she did to assemble it. None of these women care about the education program, no matter how Caputo tries to make it sound good. He still serves as a bright face amongst the horrible treatment they’ve all gotten from the new CO’s.