“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.7): How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lolly?

Mental illness is a prison. A prison run by a cruel, capricious, illogical warden that lives in your head. Struggling with mental illness can feel like an insurmountable task on its own, but consider dealing with it behind bars. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center, there are more than 350,000 prisoners who suffer from serious mental illness, who are forced to do just that. When you consider that, Lolly’s imprisonment seems sadly inevitable.

We open with Piper, who is now flanked by her gang of white supremacists. She’s horrified to have started Litchfield’s Aryan Sisterhood, but when she sees Blanca staring at her, she realizes that white power is the only thing protecting her from a beat down. This leaves Hapakuka in an awkward position, and Piper tells her that she’s unable to defend her but is rooting for her. Ugh, remember when Piper wasn’t the worst? No? Me neither.

or1I don’t know guys, what if we trade all this racism for some macramé and light crafting?

In other white folks news, Nicky Nichols is back! Despite only being gone a couple of months, Litchfield has changed. Guards are patting down inmates, the food is now mush, and there are twice the number of women crowding the hallways. In Lolly’s words, “this place is not cool anymore.” Nicky ignores Lolly’s ravings and walks away while Lolly gives the finger to imagined spy cameras.

We FLASHBACK to young Lolly (played and voiced FLAWLESSLY, btw) working at a free weekly paper. She tries pitching political exposés to her boss, but he reminds her that they work for a glorified Pennysaver. Lolly starts hearing voices that tell her to stop snooping around.

or2Maybe I should move to Australia and get myself a tank

Taystee, Tovah, and Alison go over the blurry phone pics they got of Judy King. There’s some religious ribbing between those two, but Taystee has had enough of their fooling around. She wants a clear photo of Judy that will tell a story and be sellable to the tabloids. 

Caputo gets a call from Linda, who pitched his education initiative to the MCC board. They approved his idea, but have some alternate suggestions for classes. I’m sure those will be really beneficial to the prisoners. While Caputo drives by, he passes former guard Bell, who is now working as a crossing guard.