“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.11): The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Episode 4.11 picks up the morning after Piper joins Blanca on top of the table. Blanca is still standing, while Piper is asleep in a squatting position. Nicky and Norma bring her water, and she denies it at first but then eagerly drinks it. Maria calls it out as unfair since they aren’t allowed to do the same for Blanca. Suddenly, the alarm goes off, and the prison is put on lockdown: they’ve found the dead body in the garden.

or1The bad news is there’s a body in the garden. The good news is you can pee in this Dixie cup

As news spreads of the dead guard, everyone reacts differently. Piper and Alex are panicked until Red tells them to shut up and calm down. Healy, floored with the realization that Lolly was telling the truth, wanders out of the prison and drives off. Suzanne wonders if they’ll get a second dinner, Hobbit style. Maureen tries to talk to her, but Taystee tells her to ignore the crazy bitch who gave her “blue labes” and to give Maureen some space.

We FLASHBACK to Suzanne at 28, who works at a Superstore as a greeter. Suzanne is good at her job, eager to please, and friendly with all the customers, particularly a family of three boys. Everyone seems to accept her for who she is, and Suzanne is awarded Employee of the Month. She’s delighted and checks off the receipt for a man buying some toothpaste and an AR-15 assault rifle. I see what you did there, Orange.

or2Sunny D and Machines of War: America!

Caputo tries to calm the guards, who are freaking out over the dead body. They are horrified that Caputo is waiting for the Feds and leaving them for the night, despite the fact that they’ve been guarding criminals for a while now. Caputo warns them against going rogue, but as soon as he’s gone, Piscatella has them rounding up inmates for questioning. Coates tries to dissuade him, but is put on corpse duty instead. Luschek is sent to keep an eye on Judy King, and he’s not pleased.

Red and Frida meet up with Piper and Alex, and they discuss keeping quiet while under interrogation. There’s nothing pinning them to the murder, so if they can just keep their cool, they’ll be fine. Red feels confident that they won’t get called for questioning. Although Frida might, since she killed four men in one year. They look at Lolly wandering around and decide not to include her.

or3The game is UNO, ladies. Prepare to get served.