“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” has a new queer character

What I loved about this episode was that all the lady kissing was about the ladies getting what the ladies wanted from ladies. The threesome storyline was about Ava wanting to feel young again, and Gigi’s was about wanting a new experience. Ava eventually decided Johnny didn’t need to be part of it, and Gigi didn’t even bother including Flash in the first place. And both Pam and Davvy knew exactly what they were getting into, there was no seduction under false circumstances or anything. And the fact that Gigi didn’t just pick the first hot chick she saw, that she genuinely enjoyed spending time with Davvy and was genuinely into her, and that Davvy let her make the first move…I don’t know, I just thought, on a show that could have easily gone full raunch, I thought both storylines were handled with a nice balance of humor and heart and sexiness.

Plus, we get to keep the queer woman of color! At least for now! The next episode definitely tread a little closer to the “WTF” line, but we’ll talk about that bridge when we get to it.

Side note: This week’s episode was called “Cool for the Summer” so it started off on a great foot.

Gigi and Flash are walking hand in hand and Gigi admits that she is glad she had her first girl on girl experience. She does say that she did miss penis at one point in the sex marathon, which is annoying, but Gigi is young, and Davvy probably didn’t bring up the whole dildo thing on their first date so I’ll let it slide. She does admit that Davvy was the best kisser she’s ever kissed, which of course cracks Flash’s fragile male ego. Oh, and by the way, she and Davvy are going to pretend to be a lesbian couple for a while so Gigi can take advantage of Davvy’s social media presence. But this topic is not up for discussion.

And don’t worry, Davvy is in on this plan, as proven by the pictures she poses for with Gigi.


It’s kind of a dick move on their part, but probably smart from a career strategy standpoint. And it’s only kind of lying. They’re not really a couple, but they definitely know each other in the not-so-biblical sense.

The girls go into the studio and Gigi does this hilarious one-woman duet as both Stevie Nicks and Adele. It’s hilarious (and unfortunately not on the internet anywhere yet???), and at first, Davvy was filming it but eventually she just sets down her phone and takes in the glory that is Liz Gillies…er, I mean, Gigi.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 13Look at those IRL hearteyes!

One issue I did have with the dialogue was that at one point someone was giving Gigi a hard time for being bad at dealing with change and she said, “I turned into a lesbian and I turned back” as an example of not one but TWO changes she dealt quite well with just this week. And at no point does anyone suggest that she or Ava is bisexual or even sexually fluid even though that’s definitely at least what Ava is. I suppose Gigi could be Davvy-sexual, or it could have just been an experiment, but still, there could have been a conversation around it, or at the very least, someone saying “that’s not how that works” when Gigi implied that she “changed back.”

But even if Gigi is really really straight, we’re not rid of Davvy just yet. She was recruited by Ava to teach Johnny some things about how to please a woman, and she does so quite successfully, despite him being totally clueless going into the lesson.

The girls continue to have publicity photo shoots, and I’m a little disappointed that Davvy plays into some stereotypes by having a pillow fight, etc., but I would probably break a few queer-woman-unspoken-rules just to make out with Liz Gillies, too.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll 14I don’t think I’m following the right people on Instagram.

Davvy goes to Gigi’s show, and when Gigi lets Ava sing a song, Davvy nicknames her Ava X and they decide she’ll sing at least one song a gig. It seems like Davvy could be part of the group for the rest of the season, so it should be interesting to see how she fits in, and if any feelings end up getting tangled in this whole mess.

All in all, I think they’re tiptoeing toward dangerous territory, but I thought they handled the storyline with respect, and I really loved that Davvy wasn’t just some no-named fling, that she was revered as a performer the first moment we saw her, and later was admired for her various other skills. She exists as a catalyst for women’s stories, not men’s, which I think is unique given the situation she came into. Even Johnny’s lesson was ultimately about Ava. I think that Davvy has more to teach Gigi in multiple ways, and I look forward to seeing where their storyline goes. I’m not saying we should start throwing GLAAD awards at the show, but I personally think it’s worth checking out.

What did you think of Gigi and Davvy’s fling? Do you think they’ll do right by Davvy going forward?