“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

I couldn’t even bring myself to fast forward through the opening credits.

Sweet Baby Poussey is on a very sketchy bus that is carrying a duck as well as her friends. She’s just about to leave for Amsterdam. Her friends are on a mission to convince her to stay in America; they’ve got one night to prove their case.

TSwift v KimKTell me you watched the footage of Kanye asking Taylor about the song.

Back in real time, Piscatella is coaching the story he plans to pitch to the press while her body remains unmoved. It’s all so calculated the way they dehumanize. Caputo rightfully defends her citing her size and track record. Piscatella is hearing none of it; he didn’t even have the decency to call the police. He’s reminded that the inmates are people, and you have to treat them as such; the situation escalated quickly from peaceful to fatal, and things must be handled with care. Caputo also hints at some background what landed the hot-headed Piscatella down in a women’s minimum security prison from a men’s maximum facility, doesn’t sound too pretty. Despite being sent home, this is likely far from the last time we will see Piscatella, how fortunate.

Bayley has holed himself in a linen storage where Caputo brings him a few pills and asks what happened. Shock has erased the events from his mind; he doesn’t even know that she’s dead.

Taystee once again represents all of us when she bangs on the CO’s window in the dorms. She wants answers, and the silence they offer won’t satisfy her anger. Tovah mirrors her sentiments and tries to calm her down and walk her back to her bunk. Watson can’t bear to stomach sleeping in the bunk she shared with Poussey to give them all the closeness they need Tovah clears the unnamed inmates for them to commune. Taystee paces to and fro as Suzanne looks to bury herself beneath a pile of books, Poussey’s books from the library. Reality is setting in harshly for all of them.

Once more Caputo is directed not to call the police. He’s frustrated, but MCC has instructed him to simply wait. Do they mean three to five business days? Which we all know is more like five to seven. Her body still hasn’t been moved.

WWTSDIt’s all true; I’m just like Taylor Swift.