“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

Back at Litchfield, the CO’s backtrack to the previous day’s events. All of the rumors that have been birthed thus far all coming from people who were feet away. Humps sets off the metal detector with the gun strapped to his ankle; this will not end well. He claims it’s for their own safety and that in times like this they have to stand together. All of them seem like the type to spam their social media with that horrid erasure of a hashtags #BlueLivesMatter.

John MayerCan we go back to loving John Mayer? I’m pretty good at “Wonderwall” on my acoustic.

Caputo finds Taystee attempting to keep it together at her desk. He has the horrible task of telling her that nothing has been done to move her body. He’s trying, but it’s not enough. They haven’t even called Poussey’s father; he doesn’t even know the only family he’s got left is now gone.

Pennsatucky and Big Boo roll in with a laundry cart to put up privacy blankets and nearly roll over the unmoved body. CO Coates is in tears as he stops them before she’s further desecrated. Big Boo’s grudge holds strong however Pennsatucky smoothed it over with one of her childhood tales of drugs in her family. Emotionally, Coates is not cut out for this post.

Red is hosting self-care for the family out in the garden with a reading juxtaposing their very location with all facets of life. However calming this scene may be, this entire situation doesn’t directly involve any of these characters and yet so much time is spent on their well-being. The sentiment comes after Red reveals that Poussey gifted her the book when the garden first started. She wants to restart the garden after all of this mess is solved, they debate the location of the new plot, and she delegates various activities to get it back up and running. It’s all a ruse to keep the girls busy and hopefully out of trouble.

scott baioScott Baio could probably top Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech.

Morello ponders over Poussey’s heritage and is blindsided by the moves Nicky is planning up until she’s pinned to the shed. She’s still resistant to re-enter this level of friendship that Nicky has still failed to understand. Nicky dashes Morello’s dreams of pregnancy and is met with a mouthful of insults about her sobriety. With a few tears in her eyes, Nicky pushes her into the gate and demands answers about Morello and her wild delusions. Despite seasons of evidence to the contrary, Morello is actively aware of the stretch conclusions her mind comes to as far as fidelity. They’re both messed up, and they need each other.

Piper and Alex are checking out the greenhouse looking for any loose windowpanes. An episode after a pivotal character dies and there’s nothing I want more than the opinions of characters that rarely interacted with her. Alex tries to hide a slip of paper in the dirt but is caught by Piper. The CO on duty is preoccupied with his phone and doesn’t notice the scuffle. Alex has been hiding little snippets all around the prison naming the murder mystery CO in hopes that the other guards will find it.