“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

After running numerous blocks, Poussey fails to retrieve her phone from the there and asks around trying to use a phone. Baby Bayley walks past with his friends, and this fictional universe shrinks even more. The patron saints of drag come to her rescue; in exchange for phone time, they take her on an adventure to meet one of their other drag friends. She follows them into a psychedelic dance command party, and I need confirmation that something like this actually exists. She reconnects with her friends over the phone. Seeing her so happy helps to heal the massive wound.

the rangeBut does she have the range? That’s important you know.

Yoga Jones implores for Judy King to use her cell phone and call the police. Her pleas fall on deaf ears as Judy King rushes to pack her things. In her inaction she dares call Poussey her friend, friends wouldn’t sit idle like this when they have the opportunity to help.

Out in the yard behind the library, we find Soso sniffling into a bag of Poussey’s hooch stash. Now more than ever it is apparent of how alone she truly is now. A noise startles her, and she heads back inside to discover an overturned bookshelf with Suzanne underneath.

CO Coates and Pennsatucky feel sorry for Bayley and reckon that he shouldn’t have ever worked in that facility in the first place. He decides that he’s going to quit and free himself. Pennsatucky tells him she would miss him and kisses him to convince him to stay. They reveal their attractions with one another but settle on not returning down that path to keep their renewed relationship in tact.

The other CO’s are trying to solidify a story with Caputo and Luschek choose instead to place a gender on flavored coffee. They’ve all decided on the story that there was a knife involved, likely a tale passed down to them from Piscatella or just the one that Humps keeps repeating.

olympicsNo one else is worried about this year’s Olympics?

Caputo comes back to his office to get the real story from Taystee. It sounds a lot like he’s asking if she deserved this. The trauma Taystee is suffering is triggering. She reminds us that calling it an accident doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Suzanne is wheeled out of the library on a stretcher; Soso briefly stops crying to claim her victory as a savior. Leanne and Angie pick up on Soso’s intoxication and venture to find the hidden hooch.

Caputo’s savior cape may be ripped, but he’s still trying. He bursts in on MCC’s crisis team and demands they call the police and the coroner. They’ve since discovered the pristine record and background of Poussey despite her imprisonment and decide to shift the blame to Bayley and villainize him. Unfortunately, this decision doesn’t sit well with Caputo, he argues that Bayley was a good kid and fear took over. On one hand, it’s great that they’ve stopped going after Poussey, but it’s terrible that this was their solution. Being able to finally call the police and the coroner is a small victory that came with a hefty price.