“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.13): A Broken Eulogy

The magic of New York’s subway is captured here. Mostly it’s the rarity of it all, no one I know has ever had a subway ride this peaceful. It’s got music, laughter, drinking from a flask, Goodreads, bit of kissing, an underground paradise if you will. It reminds you of all the lives you subtly touch just by being in the same environment as someone else. Upon exiting the size of the city is dwarfing our girl. Luckily a group of roving monks on bicycles comes to her aid.

robeHow do you keep your robes from riding up in all the wrong places?

Sophia and Gloria sit out on a blanket in the yard. Gloria thinks that after all of this maybe some things will change; Sophia brings her back down to earth with the reality that nothing might happen at all. Hearing the bigoted comments from the losers of the civil war is something we could’ve dealt without perhaps. It’s nice to see the friendship betwixt Sophia and Gloria mending itself, but I do wonder if she’ll ever be accepted with the other black girls.

Blanca offers her condolences with paper roses. Tovah, Watson and Abdullah wonder about the hooch Poussey kept stashed and the whereabouts of Soso. Apparently, Suzanne’s original mission was to find Soso; they’ll be thrilled to find out what she did instead. They reminisce on Poussey’s singing voice and her “she-wee” idea. Sadly the chuckles are replaced once more with tears.

Blanca returns to the circle of Dominican girls who decide to cook for the wake. She levels that it truly could have been any of them in Poussey’s place. Finally, an ambulance pulls up, and the body bag is transported into the van.

We all knew the unity between the different racial groups was going to be short-lived, but you’d think people would speak better of the recently deceased–though you can’t expect that much decency from white supremacy. Watson isn’t having it; her rage takes over and she punches Sankey in the jaw. To be honest, I replayed that part several times as a part of self-care. With this encounter, we’ve set up more beef than the racial tension sparking within the two groups. Abdullah calms Watson and Tovah by revealing the cherry red dreadlocks she’s hiding under her hijab and the laughs return.

stashI bet my ice cream on you being a blonde.

Up in the bathroom, the daughters of the confederacy are riled up and ready to attack at the sight of blood from their leader’s nose. Helen and Brandy tell Sankey that they’ve got weapons, and they need to be prepared. Flaca and Martiza overhear their entire encounter. With faces covered in a face mask concoction, they practice making sad faces for when the cameras eventually come.