“The Fosters” recap (4.4): Time Goes By So Slowly

Brandon and Cortney are unloading their groceries and talking about how weird it was for Eddie to show up to get Mason on time. Lena walks up just as Brandon is unloading two 12-packs of beer. It’s awkward. Cortney grabs the beer and scurries inside so Lena can hand Brandon some groceries she bought (without Stef knowing) and tell her their party is really more of a gathering. Lena, this isn’t letting Brandon stand on his own two feet or whatever. She tells him that they miss him at home and then yells, “Be responsible!” because she can’t help but mother him a little.

Callie knocks on the door to one of her former homes and Sheila invites her in. Turns out Sheila and her husband wanted to adopt Jude and Callie but the other foster kid, Kyle, had special needs, and they wouldn’t let Sheila and Tom adopt all three. She is very sorry that the people never told Callie that. Kyle’s in juvie because they convicted him of killing a neighbor. But Kyle had an alibi and Sheila can’t believe he had anything to do with it. Like a dog with a bone, Callie is all over it. Hmmm, who does she know who works in juvenile justice? Enter Aaron.

The lawyer is telling Gabe that he thinks he should have been found innocent at the time and that he should be able to get everything overturned at a new trial. Gabe can’t pay so the moms say they will pay, and he can fix up their house to work off the loan. Jesus walks into this scene of the moms, lawyer, Gabe, and Ana. Just another day at the Adams Foster legal services clinic.

Gabe isn’t willing to gamble the deal he has that guarantees no jail time on his parole violation for the maybe of getting his conviction expunged. Jesus stomps upstairs. Gabe goes after him and explains that he doesn’t like owing people anything. Jesus asks if he ever gets lonely in his walled-off world? Gabe starts crying. It’s sweet.

Ana tells Mike that Gabe changed his mind after talking to Jesus. Mike is all passive aggressive about Gabe. He can’t believe that Ana told her a day ago she wasn’t going to see him and then she ran over and did. Mike says he’s concerned about Ana’s sobriety, not that he’s super jealous. Mike ends up calling the DA, but we don’t know whether he’s meddling for or against Gabe.

Jesus, Mariana, and Mat appear at Brandon’s door for the “gathering.” There’s no one else there because Cortney has friends who are over 16 and can stay out past nine. Jesus hands Brandon a present (a roll of toilet paper). Jesus for MVP. Callie and AJ arrive at the “party” and Cortney is on her way to drunky town. AJ says he’ll skip her special margaritas and Callie opts for water. Cortney calls Mariana “Maryanne” and then becomes a “woo” girl when her friend arrives. Oh boy.

It gets better. Stef and Lena stop outside the house to spy. I imagine this is what Agent Carter does on a date. Lena is like, “Fuck this. Let’s go finish celebrating our anniversary at home before our kids get back.” Stef is too distracted by their car being at the party. Oh Stef, go home. Have sex with your wife; your kids are fine.