“The Fosters” recap (4.4): Time Goes By So Slowly

Brandon wants to know if Cortney really wants another drink. I’m cutting him slack here. He’s annoying and telling his grown-up girlfriend what to do but he also watched his father spiral through alcoholism, and I think he’s allowed to worry. She’s pissed at him for monitoring her, and she’s sorry Mason kicks Brandon in the face (don’t be sorry, girl, that’s the best thing). Brandon tells her that he loves Mason, and he loves her. She can’t understand why. She thinks she’s a mess so why would he want to be with her. Cortney, HE LIKES MESSES! That’s his kink, lady.

Callie apologizes to AJ for a boring night. He was with her and when has that ever been boring? He kisses her and then stops and leads her to the porch swing. He doesn’t want to overstep. He knows she was raped, and he wants to be sure he isn’t doing a single thing that might trigger her or make her feel unsafe with him. Team AJ, forever. He also wants to tell her that Kyle isn’t her problem. She needs to do better at taking care of herself instead of trying to save the world.


Jesus is losing his mind waiting for Gabe to call from the court. Instead of calling, Ana and Gabe show up and tell them that Gabe is off the list. Jesus and then Lena hug Gabe. He thanks Mike for putting in a word for him with the DA. Good work, Fabrizio!

Aaron is waiting for Cameron/Callie. She comes clean about lying about who she was. She wanted to take a break from her life for a day. He can understand that. He wants to know if the boyfriend was pretend, too. Sorry, bud, no dice. She wants his help exonerating Kyle.

Stef and Mariana show up at Radley to see Nick. Nick is thrilled to see Mariana and tells her that the only thing that keeps him going is her (and dancing with ghosts in the basement). He’s holding onto that hope in order to keep going, and she can’t take it away. She tells him to get better for himself, not for her. He wants to know that he still has her, and she can’t tell him no. Oh, Mariana.


Next week! Lena’s 40th birthday! We all know how well parties go at the Adams Foster house.

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