“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.07): Don’t Fence Me In

Frankie and Maura arrive on scene. This is all so disorienting; it’s like a bizarro episode where up is down. Next, they’re going to try to tell us Jane and Maura are heterosexual. They find the wrong-way biker crisped to a cinder. I hope you weren’t planning on eating barbecue anytime soon.


Now in D.C., Jane is making sure Frankie keeps her updated on everything happening to Maura, er, I mean the case. She is particularly aggrieved when Frankie tells her they might be working on a case of spontaneous human combustion. I mean, think of all the ways she could be teasing Maura about this non-scientific phenomenon. The missed flirting opportunities alone are tragic. As she yells, verbatim, into the phone, “That’s the first time Maura’s wrong and I’m missing it?!?”


Jane has to stop her missing Maura pouting because a square-jawed FBI guy/potential beard appears before her. Look, show, there’s no need to introduce another non-romantic romantic interest. We’re down to the final few episodes here. You are fooling exactly no one–not even that conservative great uncle who won’t stop posting about making America great again on his Facebook feed.

Considering last week’s episode, I was really hoping they’d trot out a Clarice Starling-like FBI agent to flirt shamelessly with Jane. Then we could see a little Maura jealousy because turn-about is fair play. But this jarhead? Yeah, Maura ain’t worried.


At The Dirty Robber, Mama R is pouring through the classifieds with a highlighter. Frankie notices and asks what’s up. She is looking for a new place. Now Frankie is alarmed. Did something happen with Maura? Are Maura and Jane OK? He already wrote his best man speech. This is terrible. But no worries, Mama R is just trying to express her independent/get away from Jane and Maura’s loud bedroom activities. I mean, it’s understandable–especially now with all that naked fencing they’re doing around the house.