“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.07): Don’t Fence Me In

While Jane and Maura already have their portmanteau securely in place, Korsak asks Nina and Frankie if they have a shipper name yet. Look, you guys are cute and all. But Ninkie/Frina/Holizzoli/Rizziday will never be as cute as Rizzles. Sorry, Straightzzoli, those are just the facts.


Mama R comes to see Maura with a big handmade lunch to share. Aw, she’s keeping her company while Jane is gone. But Maura knows this is about all those missing classified sections from her paper. Mama R confesses to looking for a place. But Maura knows if she moves out Jane would be so secretly devastated. So they make a deal for Mama R to start paying rent. The good news is Maura readily accepts Mama R’s pasta dishes in lieu of proper references.

In D.C., Jane is about to leave when she happens upon Lil’ Trump reading on a bench. She gives him one chance to apologize for the pen drop and wink. He doesn’t, of course, because Big and Lil’ Trump can never admit they’re wrong. So Jane goes in for the kill. She brings up the fellow student’s suicide, and he goes off talking about how she would have gotten more stories published if she picked up his pens.


So, he wasn’t guilty of being a murderer. But he is guilty of being a sexist lout. Mr. F-Beard-I was listening the whole time, so their sting successfully took another misogynist off the streets. Granted, I doubt that little conversation would be enough evidence to really get him thrown out of the FBI. But I’ll happily suspend disbelief and say it would. Hell, let’s rename it the Feminist Bureau of Investigations while we’re at it.

Mr. F-Beard-I says he and Jane make a good team. Then he invites her out for a drink. Jane panics–she hates it when the beards want to actually spend time with her. She tries to use her impending flight as an excuse. But some guys can’t take a “no,” and decides to delay her flight using his federal authority. Uhhh, not to be a killjoy, but I’m pretty sure that’s against FBI policy, too.


So now the Jane-less case finally gets solved. It’s a meth-using chemist who went into business with the fat bomb victim. As they are searching the suspect’s house Maura watches from a nearby car. But then the suspect runs past her and sees the stakeout and takes off. So, of course, Maura takes off after her. Seems Jane is rubbing off on her more ways than one. Ahem.

Maura corners her in a backyard, and then a swashbuckling fencing match with garden implements ensues. Why didn’t they showcase Maura’s sabre skills before this season? I feel cheated of six seasons worth of swordplay. Touché, indeed.