Ashley Tisdale is a lesbian boss on “Young & Hungry,” with the possibility of her own spin-off

When Sofia goes to celebrate with her Young & Hungry friends, she says that she found the secret to making her boss happy. Gabi jokingly asks if she slept with Logan (because that’s what she did) but Sofia doesn’t flinch at this, she just says she set her up with another power lesbian. But Eliot recognizes the name of said lesbian and says that she’s known for being…hardcore.

And sure enough, when Sofia’s phone rings, it’s Logan calling her…from a cage.

Young and Sofia-3All of my “High School Musical” dreams just came true.

Sofia goes on a rescue mission, and as soon as she lets her boss out of her cage, Logan fires her. Sofia begs for her job, saying she’ll do anything, and they come to the agreement that if Sofia gets an exclusive interview with the elusive tag artist called Rooster, she can keep her job.  

The next morning, Sofia is ordering Logan’s coffee when we meet a smiley barista who, based on my experience with back door pilots has taught me anything, is potentially another regular character on the potential new series. We’ll call him the Gay Best Friend. I’m unclear on this point because on one hand, having a lead character who is a lesbian AND a gay POC recurring main character is a lot for a sitcom, but on the other hand, it’s Freeform.

Anyway, the GBF’s name is Zander, and his ex happens to know this Rooster character, so Sofia gets the info from him and takes it straight to Logan. Logan is impressed at first until she realizes it’s just an email on a post-it, with no guaranteed interview.

Then, in one 60-second span, Logan falls victim to a BossLady trope AND a predatory lesbian trope by saying she sacrificed all of her personal relationships to be successful and by telling Sofia that bending over in front of her won’t help to soften her, but she appreciates the effort.

Back at her desk feeling defeated, Sofia is approached by the Lovesick Nerd and Mr. Charming, and after the boys fight over her (and Rooster’s email address) for a minute, she suggests they work together.

Young and Sofia-4Because girls rule and boys drool.

So they go to the coffee shop (which could end up being The Hang, which is how Zander could factor in), where they hack Rooster’s email, find out where the next tag will be, and split up to try to get this interview.

When Sofia gets to her assigned location, it’s already tagged; she’s too late. She sees a raggedy woman pushing a shopping cart and is asking if she saw Rooster when Sofia notices paint cans in the cart. Sofia asks her for an interview, saying she can be in the spotlight when a spotlight does indeed shine on them…from the police.

The cops take them to jail, where Sofia continues to ask for an interview and Rooster continues to refuse.

Young and Sofia-5I hate when people look better dressed like they’re homeless than I do in a gown.