Ashley Tisdale is a lesbian boss on “Young & Hungry,” with the possibility of her own spin-off

Logan shows up and asks Rooster for an interview in her own way, pointing out that everyone will know her identity now, why not tell the world her story in her own words. She promises to give Rooster final approval of the article, and even though Logan ruins the nice moment by shouting JUST DO IT at her, Rooster ultimately agrees.

Young and Sofia-6 So close to being a genuine moment…

Logan bails the two of them out, as well as a hooker who promises to “do stuff” and tells Sofia she didn’t actually get the interview, so she’s still fired.

Sofia takes a box of sadness to her office to pack up her brand new desk.

Young and Sofia-7Sofia is sometimes the best thing about “Y&H,” tbh.

Leo gets his Lovesick all over her as she sadly heads to her desk, but as she sits down, her phone starts playing that motivational mantra she was listening to at the top of the episode. Charged with a burst of confidence, Sofia bursts into Logan’s office and says that she did a damn good job and that Clikd would be sorry to lose her budding talent. As she’s about to storm out of the office, Logan offers Sofia her job back. Sofia collapses into a grateful heap as Logan applauds her newfound backbone.

Young and Sofia-8“There’s the Kara Danvers spirit I was looking for!”

She tells Sofia to go back to her desk, and she does, spinning around in her desk chair delightedly because Logan finally knows her name.

Young and Sofia-9Li’l Soso wins this round!