Frenemies Delle and Dutch get flirty on “Killjoys”

If you haven’t been watching the very fun and action packed SyFy show, Killjoys, maybe it’s time to start. There’s an awful lot of mythology that has been packed into the show’s first season and a half, but here’s the brief rundown to get you caught up.

The leading lady of Killjoys is Dutch, a fierce and brilliant bounty hunter who searches out and captures bad guys in what’s called “The Quad.” The Quad consists of four planets, who are always teetering on the brink of war. The Quad is also essentially run by “The Company” which is owned by nine families called, you guessed it, “The Nine.”

Yup, it’s dystopian as hell.

Dutch herself is more than your average bounty hunter. She grew up in a royal harem was groomed to be a trained assassin from a young age. After she broke the rules and married a man she loved, he was promptly killed by her mentor, Khlyen. Dutch ran away and became a Killjoy alongside her first in command, John. They were later joined by John’s brother, D’avin (or Dav) and became a trio of bounty hunters. Phew.


In addition to capturing bad guys, sometimes the Killjoys take on other types of missions. In order to follow Khylen’s trail, the Killjoys sign up to safely escort three gifted children to a special school. Prodigy. A little on the nose there, Killjoys. They are joined on their mission by Doctor Pawter Simms, an estranged member of one of The Nine families, who has become disgraced by her use of the drug, Jakk. (Basically sci-fi heroin.) She’s kind of the best, though.

One of the kids is Jake, the younger brother of a student at Prodigy. After removing him from his abusive father, the Killjoys set off to the school. When they arrive, it’s eerily quiet. The only sign of life is a video screen which shows a message from Dutch’s old frenemy, Delle Seyah Kendry. Delle is a member of The Nine, and she and Dutch have been making hate-fucking eyes at each other since the first season. To say Delle is duplicitous and pretty awful would be an understatement. She’s also fascinating and easily one of the best supporting characters in the series. (Think Evony in Lost Girl.)

seyah1 seyah2via

Apparently, Delle is in charge of Prodigy, but mysteriously, all the kids are missing. Delle shows up in the flesh at the same time as the Killjoys to track down the youngins. Delle and Dutch immediately begin to verbally spar, and it’s like, make-out already you two!

At the school are pods where the kids were hooked up to machines where they would learn to be experts in their fields overnight. The pods are empty, except for some suspicious goo, which turns out to be all that’s left of the kids. They run into a woman who worked for the school, Malta Chambers, who demands that Delle be turned over to her in exchange for her silence about the scandal. When Dutch happily hands Delle over, it turns out that Chambers is merely a hologram controlled by the lone remaining student—Jake’s brother, Olin.

Pawter confirms this when she find’s Chambers’ DNA among that of the kids, meaning Chambers was trying to save the kids when a massive surge occurred and accidentally killed them all, except Olin. Olin was deeply affected and suffers headaches due to his narrow escape. He also holds the whole lot captive by shutting off the oxygen. Pawter and John stick the kids in the cryo-pods which have oxygen, for safe keeping, while Dutch and Delle head off to switch the life support systems back on.


While struggling to breathe, Delle and Dutch play two lies and a truth. Delle, who has shamelessly flirt with Dutch in the past, teases her at first, but then admits the kids were being trained to keep all the knowledge of her people, which Dutch quickly attributes to a possible war brewing. Just as Delle and Dutch reach the life-support systems, Delle collapses. Like a boss, Dutch picks up the other woman like a scene from An Officer and A Gentleman and carries her to a safe space.


When Dutch asks how to turn the system back on, Delle plants a big kiss on Dutch, then whispers to her to use biometrics. Dutch uses Delle’s breath that she still has in her mouth, to turn the system back on. Sexy and life saving!

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Meanwhile, John reasons with Olin, who wants to blow up their ship and everyone on it, including his little bro. John gives him the old “Stop being a shitty brother” speech and it works. Whatever Olin has in his head is valuable info to both Delle and Dutch, and the women make a deal that Dutch will keep him safe and share whatever intel he eventually delivers. In a bit of two truths and a lie, Dutch tells Delle she may not have entirely hated Delle’s soft and tender lips on her own. Delle teases back that you can’t tell the truth on all three. Ha!

I doubt this is the last we will see of Delle this season. But will these ladies ever cross over from flirtation to reality? I’m not so sure. Dutch has been linked to Dav in the past, but hey, in the world of sci-fi, anything is possible.

Killjoys airs on SyFy Fridays at 9pm EST.