The second season of “True Blood” looks bloody scary

In case you’ve forgotten what you loved so much about the first season of True Blood, HBO wants to remind you. They released the trailer for season two this morning, and it looks like Bon Temps is as sexy and dark and bloody as ever.

Dying for more? (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) E! Online posted a clip from season 2, which you can watch below.

I’m guessing if you’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse book series, you know what that terrifying claw thing is. If not, I’m guessing we can still agree on this: Sookie, turn around! It’s like the first rule of living in a place like Vamperville, LA. You hear something creepy, you turn around or, you know, run. Your town is full of blood-suckers, shape-shifters and, apparently, naked chicken/centaur hybrids. No need to take time to put on your listening ears; get out of there!

Also, for a dude that’s been alive for two centuries, Bill sure has a lot to learn about women.

True Blood returns to HBO on June 14. How stoked are you?