ABC Renews “Better Off Ted,” Banishes “Cupid”

Despite low ratings, ABC has officially renewed midseason entry Better Off Ted, the workplace comedy starring out actress Portia de Rossi, Jay Harrington, Andrea Anders, Jonathan Slavin, and Malcolm Barrett.

Good critical buzz — as well as passionate fan support demonstrated via the internet, Twitter, and other social media outlets — is widely believed to be behind the network’s decision to pick up a second season of the series (the first season only contained six episodes).

Although it’s an ensemble comedy, de Rossi’s icy ethics-and-small-talk-challenged boss Veronica has become a scene-stealer, with de Rossi’s deadpan delivery earning her praise from critics. Interviewed by her wife on The Ellen DeGegeneres Show in March, de Rossi explained that she enjoyed playing these types of roles because in real life, she cares too much what people think.

De Rossi’s openly gay co-star Jonathan Slavin told E! Online earlier this month that the show had five additional episodes already completed, and that these episodes reveal a lot more about Veronica’s life, adding, “There’s another side to her that you find out.”

The fate of another ABC mid-season series, the matchmaking drama Cupid starring out actress Sarah Paulson, is not as happy — ABC has reportedly opted not to renew it for a second season.

The drama by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas — which stars Paulson as the therapist (and love interest) of the mythical god of love, played by Bobby Cannavale — has struggled to find success with TV audiences or critics.

Sarah Paulson as Dr. Claire Allen in Cupid

Paulson previously starred in NBC’s series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Her partner Cherry Jones currently stars as the President of the United States on the Fox series 24, and will be reprising her role again next season.

ABC will officially announce all renewals and cancellations (and unveil its new series) this Tuesday at the ABC Upfront presentation to advertisers.