Clementine Ford Confirms Relationship with Linda Perry

This week’s Soap Opera Digest magazine features an interview with out actress Clementine Ford, in which she opens up about her move to daytime television, her girlfriend and why talking about being gay on a soap opera is like asking what it’s like to be straight in a dentist’s office. (Answer: “It’s just my life.”)

While Ford doesn’t find the news about her sexuality to be all that noteworthy, she was warm and open about her relationship with singer/songwriter Linda Perry, telling Soap Opera Digest:

Every time I do an interview, she asks, ‘Did you mention me?’ We go to events together and we don’t try to hide anything. We’re just a couple. We’re both like, “I can’t wait to show you off.”

The couple had a chance to do just that at last month’s charity event, An Evening with Women, which was spearheaded by Perry herself.

Ford and Perry showing one another off at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s An Evening With Women in April

You’re probably familiar with Linda Perry, even if you think you’re not. In addition to being a popular singer in the late ’90s, Perry has written and produced some me ga-hits for current recording artists, including Pink‘s “Get This Party Started,” Gwen Stefani’s “What Are You Waiting For?,” Alicia Keys‘ “Superwoman” and a half-dozen chart-toppers for Christina Aguilera, including her gay-inclusive hit song “Beautiful.”

Aguilera and Perry perform “Beautiful” at An Evening with Women

Photo courtesy of Natalia Knezevic

“It’s funny,” Ford told Soap Opera Digest, “[Linda’s] enormously more well-known than I am.”

Maybe not for long.