ABC forgets “Samantha Who?”, buries “Ugly Betty”

Along with the good news about ABC’s renewal of Better Off Ted came a less happy announcement that was a bit surprising: Samantha Who? has been cancelled after just two seasons.

While we knew that the show had been asked to cut its budget, most industry critics thought that the Christina Applegate series would come back, albeit with fewer episodes.

Samantha Who? was one of ABC’s strongest comedies, although the move to Thursdays during an Ugly Betty hiatus wasn’t smart, ratings-wise. But rather than give the show time to recapture its audience, the network has decided to go with a slate of new comedies, including Eastwick and Cougar Town.

In another unpleasant surprise, ABC has rescheduled Ugly Betty for 9 p.m. ET Friday, after Supernanny. Fridays have always been the equivalent of the beach for prime time whales, so the move is not exactly a vote of confidence for our Betty.

Betty’s current slot will be occupied by a new crime drama, Flash Forward, about the aftermath of a two-minute mass blackout.

Flash Forward actually sounds awesome — and has been compared to Lost in terms of series potential. But it seems ill fitted as a lead-in to Grey’s Anatomy. We’ll see. My one consolation is the sitcom that refused to die finally did.

You can check out ABC’s entire Fall lineup at Hollywood Insider.

What do you think of ABC’s scheduling changes? Will you mourn the loss of Samantha Who? Can Betty stay in success Mode on Friday night?