Jordana Spiro talks “My Boys” season finale

It seems like just last month My Boys was kicking off its third season on TBS, but tonight the season finale is already upon us. Oh, wait — that was just last month. What is the deal with these My Boys mini-seasons? How can a person be expected to survive on only 9 episodes of P.J. Franklin per year?

At least Jordana Spiro promised the season finale would be great when she talked to E! Online this week. In fact, she said it was far and away her favorite cliffhanger of all three seasons, pretty solid praise for a show that does sitcom suspense as well as The Office.

This year’s finale was filmed on location at the Cubs’ spring training camp in Arizona, where P.J. and Bobby both try to work fresh angles on a story, while the rest of the gang gets up to the standard hijinks that usually ensue when they’re left alone for too long (mustache growing contest, anyone?).

Spiro called parts of the finale “guerrilla-style film-making,” which is maybe true if you’re Sacha Baron Cohen, but probably not so much when you look like Jordana Spiro.

She told E! Online:

Every story [P.J.] comes up with is a hack, cliché story idea that’s been done a million times before and she’s kind of freaking out. She starts going around to all these random people at the stadium trying to find a human interest story. The way we shot it was the camera operator and I went around with a video camera, stopped people at the stadium, and just started interviewing them as though I was PJ. That was fun, I’ve never gotten to do that guerrilla-style film-making before.”

I’ve got to tell you, if Jordana Spiro/P.J. Franklin started chatting me up about baseball at a spring training game, the first thing I’d think is: lesbian. The second thing I’d think is: when can we get married?

This season of My Boys has concentrated less on character-building story arcs and more on standalone episode shenanigans. The constants have been P.J. and Bobby’s evolving relationship, and Stephanie and Kenny’s unresolved sexual escapade from last season’s finale. Of course, Steph has been busy writing and dispensing love advice; it’s not like she had a lot of time to concentrate on that Darcy/Lizzy thing she and Kenny have going on.

We won’t find out about a My Boys renewal until September, but if it does come back I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer season. The show has the kind of cast and writers who can bring the pathos with the humor, given the time.

Will you tune into TBS for the season finale? How do you feel about another season of My Boys?