Jennifer Westfeldt joins the cast of “24”

Kissing Jessica Stein star Jennifer Westfeldt had a short stint at Seattle Grace when she was featured on a handful of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.She also went to visit Addison for an episode of Private Practice.

Meanwhile, she launched a production company with partner Jon Hamm, the star of AMC’s hit Mad Men.

And now she’ll be on our television screens regularly as journalist Meredith Reed on Fox’s 24.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Westfeldt’s character will “have ties to Arman Hashemi (Anil Kapoor of Slumdog Millionaire), a Middle East leader who comes to the U.S. on a peacemaking mission.” Sounds like a great role, though much different from the hilarious depiction of a straight woman trying to explore her sexuality in Jessica Stein.

Production on the eighth season of 24 begins today, so fans of the show will see Jennifer in her recurring role this fall.

Will you be watching for the new character of Meredith Reed on the upcoming season?