Who’s in and who’s out: The networks start recasting new shows

Hollywood is such a cruel seductress. She’ll bring you up just to throw you down, flip you over, kick you with heels and toss you to the curb. We just lost some much-needed quality time with stars like Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?, we will miss you), Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies is now pushing daisies) and Summer Glau (Terminator: TSCC has been terminated).

Now we find out that some previously casted roles for the new television lineup are being re-casted. Is nothing sacred anymore? Don’t worry — I’ve got a few ideas for the networks if they’ll take them.

Problem: For those of you who, like myself, tune in to watch Gibbs and Co. fight terrorists on NCIS, you’ve gotten a taste of the spin-off based in L.A. Former Hollywood heartthrob Chris O’Donnell and one of the smoothest men of all time, LL Cool J, make up part of the team of special agents from the West Coast helping to solve military crimes. Louise Lombard (formerly of CSI) had been tapped to play the lead female investigator, but has now gone AWOL.

Solution: So, they need a kick-ass crime fighter who can carry her weight against the boys and look good while doing it right? Right! Um, hello — Summer Glau’s schedule just got cleared let’s get on this (unless of course she’s joining Dollhouse).

Problem: You may remember when we broke the news of Kate Moennig starring with Julia Ormond in the new medical drama Three Rivers? Well, our beloved Shane is safe, so don’t get your panties/boxer briefs in a bunch. Julia Ormond, on the other hand, is out as the head of surgery.

Solution: This, my friends, is a no-brainer. There is no one I’d like to see Kate play doctor with more than Sarah Shahi. Life just got canceled too; it’s perfect timing and works really well with all of the fantasies I’ve got dancing in my head.

Problem: Reiko Aylesworth is gone and not in Forgotten, the story of amateur sleuths banding together to solve mysteries.

Solution: If Michelle Trachtenberg‘s new gig on Mercy doesn’t work out, we know she can draw from her Harriet the Spy experience to take on this role.

I’m sure there will be many more roles to play musical chairs with in the upcoming months, but who else would you like to see take on these empty spots?