TV Alert: “The Goode Family” tells “A Tale of Two Lesbians”

ABC’s new animated comedy The Goode Family has been hit-and-miss on funny (and viewers) since it premiered last month, but here’s hoping tonight’s episode “A Tale of Two Lesbians” brings all the right antics.

The Goodes are the greenest family ever, with solar panels on their house and buckets for harvesting rainwater. They’ve got reusable grocery bags, a hybrid automobile, a vegetable garden and an adopted son from Africa. They wanted him to be black, but they loved him just the same when they discovered he was from South Africa, and actually just as white as them. They’re also Vegans who force their dog to eat only vegetables.

The problem with the Goodes being good is they just try too hard, and always end up jacking everything up.

In the premiere, the Goode Family mom, Helen, sees her teenage daughter, Bliss, chatting up a guy at their local Whole Foods-equivalent grocery store. The other moms encourage Helen to have a lengthy conversation with her daughter about sex. (“Who is she going to learn about sex from? The Internet? The Pussycat Dolls? Oh, it’s skanky out there, Helen.”) Helen tells them that Bliss must know at least a little something about sex (“One time when Bliss was at the age of sexual discovery, well — we had a jacuzzi.”) but they advise her to get over-involved, so she does, which sends Bliss over the edge to a Purity Ball at a local church.

Helen ends up drunk on organic wine and confesses to their African American neighbor: “I just want to be close to my daughter. And buy organic apples. And call minorities by the right name. Is there like a big convention where minorities get together to decide what to call things? What to wear? Hairstyles? Like the Afro. That was a good one.”

“It’s in Memphis,” the neighbor tells her.

That should give you some idea about what’s going to happen on tonight’s episode when the Goodes befriend a lesbian couple. Apparently they already had a token lesbian couple as friends, but they offended them. Now they must find another lesbian couple to hang out with in order to impress the arts council.

We’ll have a recap of the show on Monday, but if you want to laugh/cringe along, it airs tonight at 8:30 (EST) on ABC. Do you plan to tune in?