Whitney Houston, we have a problem — with you turning down “Glee”

Whitney Houston apparently doesn’t believe that children are the future — or at least not the children of Glee. The pop diva has turned down a role as a rival choir director in the upcoming season of the new high school musical comedy.

As Whitney herself might say: Oh, hell to the no!

Still her loss is Eve’s (and our) gain. The hip-hop star has stepped in for the singer and will appear in a two episodes arc this fall. I’ve never seen the Barbershop movies, so I can’t comment on Eve’s acting, but she sure struts around impressively in her videos and has a role in the upcoming Ellen PageDrew Barrymore collaboration Whip It!, so I’m sure she’ll do just great.

Still it’s hard to understand why Whitney wouldn’t wanna dance with somebody (had to do it) in the Glee crew.

The show has built incredible buzz since its premiere preview aired in May. Also Whitney has a new album coming out Sept. 1, her first in seven years, and the new season starts Sept. 16.

So you would think the two would go jazz-hand in jazz-hand together.

Though, I guess that’s what you get for expecting rationality from a woman who married Bobby Brown and then invited camera crews to film the train wreck.

Glee has already amassed an impressive array of guest starts (not including its awesome — hello, Jane Lynch, call me — cast of regular characters). Appearing this fall will be Pushing Daisies alum Kristin Chenoweth, Everwood‘s Sarah Drew and Broadway hunk Cheyenne Jackson. God, this is shaping up to be the gayest show ever. How fabulous is that?

So, what do you think of Whitney’s spurning of the Gleeks? And how do you think Eve will do showing us her spirit fingers?