Lez Dish It Out! AfterEllen’s LGBT Weekly Round-Up

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

It’s finally Friday, ladies. Before I get to the gossip today, I want to acknowledge the victims of the Manchester bombing and their families. Although it can be therapeutic to escape reality with celebrity news and entertainment, I can’t go ahead with this week’s round-up before addressing this tragedy. My thoughts remain with those closely affected and I wish them strength moving forward.

On a lighter note, this week Ruby Rose got into a feud with Katy Perry, Ilene Chaiken teased an L Word reunion, and Ellen DeGeneres is heading back to stand-up. Lez get to it!

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Ruby Rose Goes After Katy Perry… Then Backtracks

Photo: Ruby Rose/Instagram
Photo: Ruby Rose/Instagram

If you know anything about Ruby, you know she’s a big fan of Taylor Swift. Their unexpected friendship blossomed a few years ago, and the lesbian icon even attended Swift’s annual 4th of July party with her now ex-girlfriend Haley Gusman. Not only did Rose defend Taylor against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West last summer, but she also stuck up for the singer just this past week.

If you’ve made it through that confusing celebrity drama babble, here’s exactly what went down. Katy recently took to the press to explain her longstanding feud with Taylor. Apparently the whole fight erupted over back-up dancers because back-up dancers are the most important thing on earth. Without your back-up dancers, you are NOTHING. Following Perry’s comments, Ruby went HAM on the singer in a series of tweets:





Well, the model turned actress didn’t follow her “heart” for long. A few days later, the star recanted her “mean” comments:





Let’s all collectively hope that this marks the end of the Swift/Perry feud (plus the random interjections). I truly feel like it has gone on for my entire life.