Cameron Diaz tells Bill Maher she loves women, but not “in that way”

On a special one-on-one episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the political talk show host spoke with Cameron Diaz about her environmental work and new film, My Sister’s Keeper.

In the interview, Maher randomly poses to Diaz that she “has more male friends than female,” following it up with the even more bizarre statement that “usually girls are haters.”

The actress quickly assures him she “loves women” and is “a girl’s girl,” which of course turns into her needing to say, “But not in that way. Maybe once or twice but shh — no, just kidding!”

I’m not really sure where Bill Maher was going with that segment of the interview, as Cameron asked “Are you just going to let me keep going?” as it was noticeably awkward and out of nowhere. After speaking so highly of her work and how “suave” Maher thinks she is, it was definitely an odd thing for him to say, insinuating she hangs out with men as to avoid catfights with members of the same sex.

You can watch the interview in its entirety below. She starts talking about her relationships with women around 13:41.

What do you think Bill Maher was going for with his “assumption”?