Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Weekly Round-Up

St. Vincent To Direct Adaptation On Dorian Gray

Photo: St. Vincent, Instagram
Photo: St. Vincent, Instagram

OK, this is cool.

On Wednesday, the queer artist announced her plans to direct an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray. The twist? The character of Dorian will be played by a woman. I’m so down for this!

As for the musician’s experience with directing, she directed a segment for the horror movie anthology project “XX.” It will be interesting to see how St. Vincent approaches this project. I’ll keep you updated as a I hear¬†more info!

Kristen Stewart Stars In A New Ad For Chanel

Photo: Karim Saldi/Chanel/Nylon
Photo: Karim Saldi/Chanel/Nylon

On Aug. 16, Chanel released the ad (above) for Kristen’s “Gabrielle” fragrance campaign. Although the bisexual actress has appeared in countless Chanel ads, this one is a big deal because this is the brand’s first solo fragrance in 15 years.

In a press release, Chanel said:

The new CHANEL fragrance named Gabrielle celebrates the extraordinary personality of its founder and conveys a very modern message inviting all young women today to live freely, by and for themselves. Talented actress Kristen Stewart immediately came to mind as the obvious choice to incarnate this courageous, valiant, bold and impassioned femininity.”

If you want to buy the perfume, it will cost you $105.00. I’m a bonafide peasant, so I’ll be enjoying this fragrance in spirit.

That’s a wrap! Enjoy the weekend, LDIO readers.

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