Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ S1. E6 Recap: “Metamorphosis”

Last time on Marvel’s Runaways, the kids finally used their superhero-like abilities to save each other, strengthening their bond even more. In the meantime, Karolina and Nico are getting closer, and we finally met the mystery man who was being kept in Leslie’s meditation room.

In typical Runaways fashion, we begin with a 15-year-old flashback. Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder are being shown the ceremonial room for the first time by Jonah, the man we met last week who offered them the business deal (and in present day, is the one kept in Leslie’s room). Geoffrey takes notice that the room is underground, and Jonah tells them that they’ll be doing things they won’t want their neighbors to hear.

We then jump to the first PRIDE sacrifice, with all of the parents together (including Molly’s). Everyone feels awkward and confused about it all except Leslie, who calls the impending act “beautiful.” She leads the victim into the box of light, causing him to disappear.

Once complete, the parents are guilt-ridden over the fact that they killed someone, as that’s not what they signed up for. But Leslie reaffirms them that they did, in the form of accepting Jonah’s grand offers. Geoffrey notices a camera recording them, but since Tina obliged to have the footage sent to her server, it can’t be erased. In that moment, they all realize they’ve made a deal with the devil.