Meredith McGeachie goes gay again on “Paradise Falls”

Meredith McGeachie wasn’t so lucky the first time she played a lesbian, as Tonya on The L Word, because most people really, really hated her character. Remember how annoying she was, running Dana’s life, killing her cat, leaving her for Melissa Rivers?

Well, now she has another chance to play gay and perhaps get a few new fans out of it. This time, she’s playing a lesbian lady cop named Cate on Paradise Falls, which is coming to Canada’s Showcase after playing on the gay cable network here! in the U.S.

In a recent interview with the National Post, McGeachie (who is engaged and expecting her first child) says her new character is “very straitlaced, whereas Tonya was pretty wild.” (Talk about an under-statement.)

“The show is very campy and a little soapy — intentionally so — and with a lot of issues confronting Cate throughout the season, you had to be very careful not to allow for melodrama,” McGeachie said. “That was really fun for me, to be able to bring it down a notch, because with Tonya on The L Word it was always ‘how outrageous could I be?'”

McGeachie also discusses her wish to split her time between Vancouver and Mexico, where he fiancee is from, saying, “I’d love to be able to work in Spanish,” she says. How about one of those 300-part Mexican telenovelas filled with real soap?”

Asked if she’d then consider playing a Latina lesbian, she says, “If the roles are great, I’m in. I don’t care who she wants to sleep with.”

Way to be open-minded. Season three of Paradise Falls, featuring McGeachie in uniform, airs Wednesday on Showcase. Will you tune in?