TV Alert: “Glee” Tweet-peat airs on Fox tonight

If you have not yet watched the pilot episode of Fox’s musical dramedy Glee, well, we hope you enjoyed your summer in that hole. Those of us who have been living up here on earth have not only watched the pilot; we’ve also seen a hundred million promos all over TV and the Internet. Fox is stoked about this show, is what we’re saying.

In fact, Fox is so excited that they aired the Glee pilot again on Wednesday; they’re playing it again next Wednesday (when the rookie season kicks off for real); and they’re showing it tonight, only this time they’re calling it a “Tweet-peat.”

Tonight’s super-special episode of the Glee pilot will include commentary from the show’s cast and producers, all via Twitter.

Here’s how it’s going down. You can sign follow Glee Tweet-peat on Twitter at Or, you can follow the entire world’s conversation plus the official Glee Tweet-peat Twitter by using the Glee hash tag. #Glee.

Oh, but there’s more!

For those of you watching at 9:00 EST, you can follow cast members Lea Michele (@msleamichele), Kevin McHale (@druiddude) and Mark Salling (@mark_salling).

For all your left-coasters watching at 9:00 PST, you can follow Cory Monteith (@frankenteen), Amber Riley (@msamberriley), Chris Colfer (@chriscolfer).

Feel free to ask questions to any of the actors or producers; they’ll be answering lots of them, apparently.

Sadly, Jane Lynch will not be contributing to the Tweet-peat, but you can follow her on Twitter. She’s only Tweeted once in three months, but it’s not like she’s got time to sit down and hammer out 140-character quips all day long; she’s stars in every movie and television show in the United States. (@janemarielynch)

Fox ran their first ever Tweet-peat last night during Fringe and it was a big success. If it goes well with Glee tonight, we can probably expect to see this whole Tweet-peat thing take off for shows like Bones and House as well.

If the idea of a Twitter-fueled Glee party doesn’t thrill you, you can always watch the director’s cut over on Hulu.

And If you’ve had enough “Don’t Stop Believing” to last a lifetime, here’s a Jane Lynch promo to hold you over until new episodes start.

Any plans to watch that Glee pilot just one more time?