“CSI” spoils our Jorja peach

One of the many conflicts about Thursday night TV is this:

I don’t watch CSI regularly (weak stomach), but the thought of Jorja Fox and Marg Helgenberger together forever with no Grissom in sight certainly earns the show a place on the DVR, even if I have to FF through the icky parts.

But a spoiler dropped this week turns out to be ickier than all of the carved corpses in creation. (Spoiler, I say! Stop now if you don’t want to know!)

Apparently, Grissom has not gone far. Take a look at this trailer. You’ll probably have to watch it twice to catch the spoiler, since the chemistry between Sara and Catherine is the stuff of fan fiction. (Yes, please.)


Again I say, ick. (Granted, that is not the first word that came to mind.) OK, I know Sara didn’t specifically name her spouse. Maybe Dorothy Snarker’s fantasy came true.

Despite the setback, Sara/Jorja and Catherine/Marg are a very cute couple, obviously destined for more than friendship. Just check out the boob touching.

Don’t you think they belong together? What are your thoughts about this (icky) spoiler?