“Hollyoaks” has a lesbian stalker

UK readers have been writing us to tell us that Hollyoaks is finally developing its lesbian storyline on the night version, Hollyoaks Later.

Lesbian Lydia (Lydia Kelly) is becoming a cliche by stalking her girlfriend, Sarah (Loui Bately, who previously discovered her feelings for women when she slept with best friend Zoe (Zoe Lister) last year.

Jealous of Sarah and Zoe’s closeness (despite them not having slept together again), Lydia lies to Zoe and says that Sarah tried to kill herself after they shared their night together. When Zoe gets close to the truth, Lydia freaks out and watches the friends from afar.

While drunk, Sarah makes a move on Zoe, who refuses the advance. They become upset with one another. But soon after, the girls realize their friendship is stronger than anything else that has happened between them, and are back to normal — for now.

Soaps are so dramatic, aren’t they? And apparently unoriginal: Lydia becoming obsessed and psycho about her girlfriend is definitely not a new idea (Notes on a Scandal, anyone?) And to add to the Hollyoaks bunkness, Loui Bately is telling the press that she feels “weird” doing lesbian scenes.

“Zoe and I are good friends so we just got a bit giddy and kind of thought ‘this is just something we have to do. It’ll be a bit weird but it’s fine,'” she told The Sun. “It was kind of fun because it was just stupid. But with Lydia it was more of a relationship, so that was a bit strange. But it’s not real life. It’s just something you have to do.”

Ugh, I know — tough job but someone has to do it! However, Loui is actually leaving the show, so what will happen with Sarah and Lydia or Sarah and Zoe remains to be seen. However, we do know the three girls go sky diving together on episode 4.

Any thoughts, Hollyoaks fans?