Free to be a fan of ’70s TV

I’ve often thought I was born too late. I mean, imagine marching on Washington in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, and doing the Hustle in a sincere way rather than a dorky way. (Okay, I probably still would have done it in a dorky way.) And I know I’d have looked good in a flowered peasant shirt and those enormous sunglasses.

But now, no matter how young, old, or dorky you are, you can enjoy a gem from 1974: Free to Be… You and Me, now streaming on If you haven’t seen it or heard the album (and I do mean album), you’re in for a groovy experience. It’s a collection of skits and songs about, um, freedom, including the freedom to have a doll if you’re a boy, or to operate a jackhammer if you’re a girl. It’s awesome, not to mention star-studded, featuring Marlo Thomas (the force behind the whole thing), Mel Brooks, Roberta Flack, Shirley Jones, Diana Ross, Rita Coolidge, and a young and happy (and adorable) Michael Jackson.

Free to Be You and Me

Now if only they’d offer clips of Battle of the Network Stars. Kristy McNichol and Penny Marshall rocked the obstacle course.