TV Alert: “The Wanda Sykes Show” premieres this Saturday

One of the high points on last year’s LGBT Roller Coaster Ride of Terror was Wanda Sykes coming out as gay and married. It’s not every day our community gets an intelligent, hilarious, high-profile woman of color as a spokesperson — especially one that isn’t afraid pull punches.

This Saturday night (Nov. 7), Fox is launching The Wanda Sykes show, which should be the perfect platform for Sykes to push as many buttons as the FCC will allow.

Wanda has been making the daytime talk show rounds over the last few weeks, stopping in to chat with Oprah, Joy Behar on HLN and the women of The View. In every interview, she’s spoken openly and affectionately about her wife and their six-month-old twins.

In fact, she and Oprah got philosophical over her sexual orientation, with Oprah saying:

When you admitted you are gay and open — not that there needed to be an option — but I think that just sort of opened the door, which happens. I think it allowed a kind of spiritual freedom to occur. You got prettier and funnier. Yes, I think that’s what happens. I think that’s what freedom does.

At first Wanda looked into the audience and said, “You hear that, Mama? And you love Oprah!”

Then she told Oprah, “I think that once you become your authentic self, you do open yourself up for everything that life has to offer you.”

Things weren’t quite as profound when Wanda dropped in on Jon Stewart at The Daily Show.

Wanda’s hype for her new show:

I think it’ll be funny because the promos are funny. That’s what people have been telling me. People have been telling me they’re digging the promos, so I’m thinking that for a show we can just smash all the promos together.

She’s right; the promos are a pretty funny.

The Wanda Sykes Show “DVR” Promo:

The Wanda Sykes ShowAmerican Idol” Promo:

The Wanda Sykes Show “Get Your Own Promo” Promo:

The Wanda Sykes show will take the place of MadTV this Saturday night at 11:00 EST on Fox. We’ll have a full review on Monday. Will you be watching?