HBO does “T”

HBO has never shied from the topic of gender transformation. In 2003, Normal told the story of Roy Applewood, a male character who wanted to become female. Tom Wilkinson, who played Roy, and Jessica Lange, who played his wife Irma, both received Emmy nods for their roles. (Yes, that’s little Hayden Panettiere.)

Now the cable network will explore FTM transition in a new drama series called T. T follows the journey of a female-bodied individual as he discovers how to live as a man.

Anya Epstein and Dan Futterman, the married couple who recently took over as showrunners for In Treatment, created the show and will write the pilot.

The idea came from a February episode of the public radio show This American Life, “Somewhere Out There,” which explored two 8-year-old girls who were born boys. You can hear the original podcast here — it’s fascinating. (The relevant story is Act Two, “Tom Girls.”) Ira Glass, host of This American Life, will be an executive producer of T.

Since T will be scripted, I’m interested to see how Epstein and Futterman approach the story. Quite honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. But we don’t have any details beyond this brief announcement, so I’m trying to reserve judgment. Let’s hope that T turns out to be a realistic and positive portrayal of gender transition.

What are your thoughts on T? Assuming they don’t cast a trans actor, would the ideal choice be male or female? Do you think the viewing public is ready for a drama about gender transition?