Ella makes out with a fox on “Melrose Place”

The best thing about Melrose Place is Ella Simms.

I’m not just saying that because she’s bisexual (or “trysexual,” depending on who you ask), but because she’s the only interesting character on the show who makes the vapid dialogue and recycled plotlines entertaining. And, sure, Katie Cassidy is pretty easy on the eyes.

So far this season, Ella hasn’t done much more than flirt and share a short kiss — until last night’s episode. The publicist, whose “life is [her] Blackberry,” makes work her priority but isn’t respected by her boss Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear). In last night’s episode, “Cahuenga,” Ella throws a press event/party for Riley’s new modeling gig, and talent agent Melissa Sax tries to woo Ella away from Amanda and her job at WPK.

At the bar, Ella first notices Melissa’s ring (“The new Judith Leiber.”) She stops for a moment when she notices the woman attached to the ring.

“Parting gift from the ex,” Melissa says, with her British accent. “She threw it at me on her way out the door.” She introduces herself, and Ella admits to knowing who she is: “Your photos are all over Variety, along with your reputation.”

“I’ve been trying to catch your eye all night,” Melissa says.

“Well you’ve got it now,” Ella replies.

They briefly exchange some quips about Ella working as a junior agent, and Melissa telling Ella she thinks she’d look “pretty hot in a corner office.” She then caresses Ella’s arm and says, “From my research, I’d say you’re quite the people person. Why don’t we find somewhere quiet to discuss your career?”

Ella quickly surveys the room to see Amanda and Riley both in conversations, so she takes off to a corner with Melissa, where they start making out.

All is going well, until they actually start to talk about Ella’s career again. Ugh.

In between kisses, it becomes clear that Melissa wants Ella to come work for her, but Ella isn’t into it, despite “this definitely being fun.” She takes off to find Riley.

Later in the evening, Amanda approaches Melissa and thanks her for coming.

“I gave her the apple but she didn’t take a bite,” Melissa says. Amanda set Ella up, but sees she was able to resist the charm of a hot lesbian. Damn.

Good for you, Ella — don’t get lured away by the promise of sex and the smell of another femme’s fragrance. But when are you actually going to take part in some sort of physical interaction or emotional connection with someone on the show? All your castmates are doing it!

What did you think of the Ella-Melissa make-out scene? Are you bummed it was all a set-up?