“Nurse Jackie” mini-cap: Monkey bits

Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, not breaking up is even harder. And that purgatory is where we find Dr. Eleanor O’Hara on this week’s Nurse Jackie.

After last episode’s reminder that Sarah Khouri has a girl in every port, Eleanor must decide whether to put up with the behavior or put an end to the relationship. She deals with it in the way many of us would.


The button might as well say “Deny.” But denial is one of my favorite hobbies, so I certainly understand.

Meanwhile, more of The Gay has come to All Saints in the form of John Decker, played by Harvey Fierstein, whose husband is in critical condition. (Fierstein talked about the role in a New York Post interview Monday.) As usual, Nurse Jackie handles the situation with grace and humor.


Last week, Fiona asked for an arm cast for her birthday, which Jackie happily obliged. But combined with a busted lip, the cast was enough to raise suspicions of abuse from Fiona’s teacher. Jackie took Dr. O’Hara to the school to remove Fiona’s cast for Show and Tell. Why am I telling you this? Because Eleanor was adorable playing Vanna with her saw as Jackie talked to the class.

Upon return to the hospital, Eleanor declines yet another call from Sarah, prompting Jackie to ask what’s up. (Please do not miss Eve Best’s legs as she gets out of the car. You’re welcome.)


So now Eleanor has chosen another favorite method of dealing with relationship issues: heading for the bar. If you have ever seen someone like Dr. O’Hara at the bar, please call me, because I’m moving to your town.

Before the drunkenness begins, however, Eleanor decides to spend a few moments contemplating St. Sebastian, who looks oddly like Ryan Gosling. Comfort comes in the form of Jackie.


Aw, she almost got a smile from Eleanor. Maybe Jackie knows a little something about love after all.

What did you think of this week’s Nurse Jackie?