What shows to play catch-up with this summer

The regular TV season is over and it will be many long, hot months until they return. Sure, there’s summer TV. And a few of the new offerings even look promising (Hello, Piper Perabo. Whatsup, Missy Peregrym?) But the summer is also an excellent time to catch up on the shows you’ve missed or the shows you’ve always wanted to watch by never got the time (cough, Battlestar Galactica, cough.).

So here are a few suggestions for shows that will make your summer sizzle. Catch up, get started or just rewatch it like it’s your first time all over again. What else are you going to do? Read a book?

Grey’s Anatomy

Like Calzona but can’t stand all the navel-gazey doctors? Netflix yourself the past season or Tivo re-runs on Lifetime and fast forward to the good parts. Though watch the finale in its entirety. Also, bring a flak jacket.

The Good Wife

By the time I realized this show was really good, it was too late to jump in mid-season. So the summer is a great time to catch up and enjoy the is she/isn’t she teasing courtesy Archie Panjabi. Watch full episodes on CBS.com.

Modern Family

Now I was slow to start this show. But once I got into it, oh the hilarity. I’m looking forward to catching up on the episodes I missed and just reliving every rolled “R” by Sofía Vergara. p.s. Manny rules!


Are you up with Chuck? This season was a game changer. And we didn’t even have to gorge ourselves on Subway sandwiches this time to ensure another season. Also, did you know Yvonne Strahovski is on Twitter? Don’t worry, I already told Heather.

Parks and Recreation

Why aren’t you watching this show already? Leslie Knope is the optimistic yin to Liz Lemon’s misanthropic yang. Amy Poehler will draw you in, but you’ll fall for Rashida Jones and Aubrey Plaza along the way, too.

So, get thee to your Netflix queue. Or Hulu. Or your best friend’s house because she has every season of every show every created. What? We all have a friend like that, right? Happy viewing.